Repetitio helps in learning and memorising .

It is an online implementation of the Leitner system of spaced repetition where cards are reviewed at increased intervals. Repetitio cards include questions and answers. 

You can use it to learn and memorise almost anything you want to.

Repetitio combines traditional learning, repeating and memorising with technology. Our service is available on your computer, tablet and smartphone (iOS and Android). It replaces a whole lot of note books to various subjects.  It gathers notes from a whole range of subjects and text books. Your text books, the ones that you use at school, university, courses. It is always with you, in your pocket - you can learn, repeat, memorise anywhere you are.

How to use Repetitio?

First sign up and log in. You can use:

  • Repetitio sets published by the administrator
  • Repetitio sets created and shared by other users
  • Repetitio sets created by you. You can create them following the text books that you are studying from. 

Using Repetitio sets shared by other users or created by the administrator

Find a set that interests you. You can use the search box or the tags in the We Recommend field. Mark the set as Favourite - you will be able to come back to it easily. You can use the set in three modes: LEARN, TESR and Games. You can also VIEW ALL CARDS in the set you choose.

In the LEARN mode you will first see the question. Recall the answer and then click SHOW ANSWER. Mark your answer by clicking one of the following answers:

  •  - you know the answer
  •  - you are not sure about the answer
  •  - you do not know the answer.

The algorythm based on the Leitner system of spaced repetition will determine when you need to review the cards. The cards that you know will show up later, just before you forget them. The cards that need to be learned will show up soon. This system saves you time - you don't waste your time on repeating what you already remember. You only review those cards that you are about to forget.

You can create your own Repetitio sets following what you are learning at school, university, or in a course. Enter your own questions and answers. Share your Repetitio sets with other users; they will share their sets with you. You can also make friends with people sharing common interests by contacting authors of the sets.

You can also test your knowledge and play games.

Basic facts about Repetitio:

  • it is an interactive learning tool, available to you anywhere and anytime
  • it saves you time  - you don't revise what you already remember
  • it is environment friendly - saving paper note books
  • it gets you connected to other users who share the same interests

W zestawie How eREpetitio works ... you will find a set with Q&A on how the system works.

Start learning with Repetitio. It works!