PREMIUM account

What are the extra features of the PREMIUM account?

  1. two independent fields < primary & secondary > in questions and answers - which means you can include primary and secondary text in your cards
  2. card uploading from an Excel file - which is fantastic if you create longers sets
  3. subsets within a set - which means you can divide your sets into units from your textbook
  4. image uploading to your setbox - which means your sets will stand out of the crowd
  5. image uploading to your cards - makes your cards easier to remember
  6. longer text fields - you can enter text as long as 1000 characters in each of the 4 fields
  7. eREpetitio helpdesk

How to subscribe to PREMIUM account?

Once you register and login you will find a link to PREMIUM account in the top right-hand corner button with your login name. Just follow the instructions there.