What is eREpetitio?

Repetitio in Latin means repeating (in French - répétition; in Spanish - repetición). In the book So lernt man lernen. (How to learn to learn) Sebastian Leitner presented his implementatiion of the principle of spaced repetition where cards are reviewed at increasing interval. In this method flashcards are are sorted into groups - Leitner learning boxes - according to how well you know each one. If you know the answer you send the card to the higher box. If you fail to know the answer the card gets back to the previous group. The higher the group the longer the period of time required before you are required to revisit the card.

Repetitio is a virtual set of Leitner boxes filled with cards for numerous fields of study. It also contains empty boxes for you to fill in with your own cards.

How can eREpetitio help me in my studying?

You do not need to carry a bag full of text books and note books. You've got your tablet, smartphone or computer and whenever you have some free time you don't waste time - you can always resume your studying for a test or exam. Or because you just want to learn Chinese or something else that is exciting. You can do it waiting for a bus, travelling or waiting for your next class. Besides, you look attractive :)

How can you help others?

You can create your own set to the text book your are using and it can be shared with other registered users. Other eREpetitio users can share their own sets wth you. And you can make friends.

How do I start using eREpetitio?

Sign up first, the easiest way is to use your facebook account. Then log in and find a set that interests you or create your own set. If you have any questions to us - use the contact form to write to us. We will answer, it's a matter of hours. Fill in the survey - we value your opinion.

Why do I need to register?

eREpetitio needs to identify each user to be able to optimize your individual learning process.  Without identifying you the system wouldn't be able to determine which cards you already know and which ones need more attention from you. Besides, you are the owner of your cards and sets so the system must recognize you.

How do I search for sets?

You can use the search field or the tag cloud. All the sets are also listed in the FIND SETS tab together with search options.

What sets are available?

There are sets shared by other eREpetitio users and sets made available by the eREepetitio team. You can also create your own sets.

How can I use a set?

You can learn, do a test, play a game or view all cards. In the sets created by you, you can add cards, change them, move them to other sets or delete them and more.

How do I create my own set?

It's easy! Click CREATE NEW SET. Fill in the TITLE field, add the DESCRIPTION and TAGS to help others find your set. Decide if you want to share your set with other registered users and that's it! You can now start adding your own cards.

Can I share my cards with other eREpetitio users?

It is your decision whether you want to share the whole set you create with other Repetitio users. The button SHARE YOUR SET WITH OTHERS will enable or disable this functionality. You can also decide if you want other Repetitio users to contact you or not.

How do I edit cards?

You can edit cards only in a set created by you. In the set box click the MANAGE CARDS icon and you can change the content, move the card to another set or delete it. You can also add cards -  click ADD CARDS in the set box and start entering your questions and answers. Click SUBMIT when you finish to save your new cards. You can also add cards in the VIEW CARDS.

Can I download cards from a file?

Yes, you can download cards to your own set from an Excel file. But please follow these points:
1. You need to have a PREMIUM account. Only PREMIUM acount users can download cards from a file. 
2. You can import cards only from a file saved as a Microsoft Excel 97-2003 file, i.e. a file with an .xls extension; you can save a file with this extension both from MS Excel and in other spreadshets like e.g. Open Office.
3. The questions, answers and other information must be entered in this way:
- column A - required - set name; all the cells need to have the same text.
- column B - required - subset name
column C - required - question, main field
column D - optional - question, additional field
column E - required - answer, main field
column F - optional - answer, additional field
4. set name - entered in column A - must be unique, diferent from other sets in eREpetitio. In case you attempt to import a set with the name which is not unique the set will not get saved. You need to change the name of the set and import again.
Should you have any issues with importing cards in a PREMIUM account please contact us using the contact form lub pisząc do nas na adres office@eREpetitio.com .

How do I delete a set?

You can delete a set created by you only. In the set box click the DELETE icon and confirm that you want to delete the set and all the cards in it. Please remember that you will also delete all the cards from this set.

What is PREMIUM account and do I need one?

PREMIUM account gives you extra functionalities in creating cards and sets:
- longer text fields in cards - you can ener text as long as 1000 characters in each field
two fields in the question and two fields in the answer - which means even more text and division into two blocks - the prime information and the extra information in question and answer
import cards from an EXCEL file - which makes it easy to create longer sets 
- each set divided into subsets - you can divide your set into units/knowledge areas, etc. make it easy to access particular area of your study 
- graphics which makes your set distinct
graphic elements in questions  - making it easy to memorise cards
It is a fantastic tool for those users who create more complicated sets and for those who want their sets look more atractive! 

Is eRepetitio available in mobile apps?

Yes, it is! Both for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). You can find links on the home page or click below:


Is using Repetitio free of charge?

Using Repetitio is free to all users and it is our intention to keep it that way. There are some sets which are accessible for a small fee. If you want to use advanced features of Repetitio we will ask you for a small fee to keep the service going.

How can I contact the eREpetitio admin?

You can use the contact form or call us at +48 602 346597. Please share with us your experience with eREpetitio.